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Friday, 30 November 2007

a mother's lot

So, this morning I spent an hour at our local hospital with our 3rd pebble - nothing urgent, just an eye exam due to family history.  She didn't play game however as she has a stinking cold and didn't want anyone fussing with her, so we have to return in 4 months. On leaving the hospital I picked up an urgent message from school - 1st pebble needs medical attention.

I drive back to the school, pick up 1st pebble with a swollen wrist from a playground accident, drive all the way back to the hospital to spend 2 hours in X-ray and A&E (thanking our lucky stars that I made him a packed lunch this morning as all 3 of us had to share those lovely ham sarnies and smokey bacon crisps!).  Luckily no major breakage, although some trauma to the radius near the wrist so he's splinted for 2 weeks.   Phew, he only broke his other arm 18 months ago!  On leaving the hospital I picked up an urgent message from school (hang on, haven't we been here before!) - 2nd pebble needs medical attention.

Can this really be happening to me?!!!!!

I drive back to school, drop off 1st pebble and collect 2nd pebble who's suffering an allergic reaction to some insect bites (nice!).  After dosing him with antihistamine and packing him back to his class (mean Mum huh?) I manage to get a feverish 3rd pebble home and to bed, make myself a nice cup of tea and then ponder over the last 4 hours.

How wonderful that my kids can manage to squish all their medical emergenices into such a short span of time. Now we can kick back and enjoy the weekend safe in the knowledge that if bad things come in threes then ours are up for now.


'My Rock' returns on Monday.   I'm looking forward to that hug.